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E-ISSN 1994-4195. E-ISSN 2729-8132
ISSN 1994-4160

Publication frequency – issued 4 times a year.
Issued from 2005.

Editorial Board


Alexander Fedorov, Prof., Ed.D., Rostov State University of Economics, Russian Federation


Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Imre Szíjártó,  PhD., Prof., Eszterházy Károly Fõiskola, Department of Film and Media Studies. Eger, Hungary

Editorial board

Ben Bachmair, Ph.D., Prof. i.r. Kassel University (Germany), Honorary Prof. of  University of London, UK

Oleg Baranov, Ph.D., Prof., former Prof. of Tver State University, Russian Federation

 Elena Bondarenko, Ph.D., docent of Russian Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), Russian Federation

 David Buckingham, Ph.D., Prof., Loughborough University, United Kingdom

 Emma Camarero,  Ph.D., Department of Communication Studies,  Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Spain

 Irina Chelysheva, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof., Anton Chekhov Taganrog Institute, Russian Federation

 Alexei Demidov, head of  ICO “Information for All”, Russian Federation

 Svetlana Gudilina, Ph.D., Russian Academy of  Education, Russian Federation
 Tessa Jolls, President and CEO, Center for Media Literacy, USA

 Nikolai Khilko, Ph.D., Omsk State University, Russian Federation

 Natalia Kirillova, Ph.D., Prof., Ural State University, Russian Federation

 Sergei Korkonosenko, Ph.D., Prof., faculty of journalism, St-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
 Alexander Korochensky, Ph.D., Prof.,  faculty  of  journalism, Belgorod State University, Russian Federation

 W. James Potter, Ph.D., Prof., University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

 Robyn Quin, Ph.D., Prof., Curtin University, Bentley, WA, Australia

 Alexander Sharikov, Ph.D., Prof., faculty of media communication,The Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation

Silverblatt Art, Prof. Dr., Professor Emeritus, Webster University (USA)

 Vladimir Sobkin, Acad., Ph.D., Prof., Head of Sociology Research Center, Moscow, Russian Federation

 Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Ph.D., Full Professor in Education Technology Catholic University of Milan, Milan, Italy

 Kathleen Tyner, Assoc. Prof., Department of Radio-Television-Film, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

 Svetlana  Urazova, PhD., Assoc. Prof., Head of the Research Section, Academy of  Media Industry; Editor-in-chief of  the “Vestnik VGIK” Journal, Russian Federation

 Elena Vartanova, Ph.D., Prof., Dean, faculty of  journalism, Moscow State University, Russian Federation







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