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E-ISSN 1994-4195.

Publication frequency – issued 4 times a year.
Issued from 2005.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Alexander Fedorov[Russia]Leaders of Soviet Film Distribution (1930–1991): Trends and Patterns2020, March891
2Alexander Shuneyko[Russia], Olga Chibisova[Russia]Solaris: the Integrity and Expansion of Borders2019, December876
3Patricia Digón[Spain]Reality TV in the Classroom: a Model of Analysis and an Inquiry into a Spanish Talent Show2019, June788
4Alexander Fedorov[Russia]Sparta as a Digest of School Life Problems, Represented in the Movie World2019, March786
5G.G. Gizdatov[Kazakhstan], B.A. Sopiyeva[Kazakhstan]Discourse and Identity in the Medial Space of Kazakhstan2018, December776
6S.V. Akmanova[Russia], L.V. Kurzaeva[Russia], N.A. Kopylova[Russia]The Models of the Media Educational Concept of Developing Lifelong Selflearning Individual Readiness2019, March773
7Valerii Muzykant[Russia], Olga Shlykova[Russia]Media Competence as the Keystone of Electronic Culture and Contemporary Education2019, March770
8Yuri Tyunnikov[Russia], Marina Maznichenko[Russia], Igor Kazakov[Russia], Valentina Krylova[Russia]Monitoring Indicators of the Developing Potential of Media Materials2019, March770
9Milena Tsvetkova[Bulgaria]Scientific Reassessment of the Publishing Evolution: А Media–Archaeological Approach to Prospective Studies of Book as Medium2019, March742
10Hisham Saad Zaghloul[Saudi Arabia], Feras Mohammed Al-Madani[Egypt]Educational Media and Academic Attainment: Moving Toward a Suggested Vision for Saudi Arabia in Light of International Expertise2019, March739

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